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Auto Crafts Center

What is Auto Crafts?

The key to keeping your vehicle safe and reliable is regular maintenance. The Auto Craft Centers make it easy and affordable for you to perform regular maintenance on your vehicles by providing space, equipment, and instruction. Skilled staff members are on site and will answer technical questions and guide you through your self-service projects.

Most garrisons have Auto Craft Centers where, for a minimal hourly or flat fee, you’ll find just about everything you need. We have more than 2,500 indoor and outdoor work bays available worldwide. They come equipped with vehicle lifts, a broad selection of tools and state-of-the-art equipment including online diagnostic databases, which include vehicle specific wiring diagrams, maintenance information, labor estimates, technical service bulletins, and recalls.

We have mechanics available that are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service. Our staff offer a variety of classes: safety orientation, equipment usage, and classes for specialty groups (i.e. basic auto maintenance and emergency readiness for Family Readiness Groups (FRGs).

The Auto Skills program supports HIRED, a teen apprentice program that employs eligible Army teens.

We stock many items in our shop at discount prices. Everything from motor oil to brake cleaner, oil filters to hose clamps. We also have partnerships with the local auto parts stores Advance Auto Parts, Auto Zone and O'Reilly's Auto Parts. If you need a part or a tool we can call and have it delivered to the shop ASAP.

Auto Crafts brochure

View the brochure here! 


Fort Leavenworth Auto Craft Center is a great do-it-yourself facility.

  • Eight bays.
  • Car lifts and a motorcycle lift.
  • A wide range of tools including ratchets, impact tools, tire mounter, balance and many more for the do-it-yourself mechanic.
  • A waste oil program is available for your convenience to drop off waste oil and filters. 
  • Service techs are on hand to assist and advise, however they do not work on vehicles.
  • The bays are open on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Call ahead to see if there is space available.

You can purchase oil, windshield wipers, filters and, if we don't have it on hand, we can have it delivered to the shop for your convenience through our partnership with Advanced Auto Parts.

Active duty, reserve component, retired, DoD personnel and Family members age 16 and up can work on vehicles for a minimal fee. 



Service Fee
Bay Fee $7/hr. includes hand tools
Bay Fee with Lift $9/hr. includes hand tools
Battery Charger  $2 each
Print Diagram $0.25
Vehicle Electric Reader $5 per vehicle
Vehicle Code Reader  $5 per vehicle
Power Washer $3 per use
Welder Fee $7 per 30 minutes
Torch Fee $3 per 30 minutes
Power Tools $4 per hour
Sand Blaster $6/half hour
Parts Washer $4 per hour
Tire Mount and Balancer $6 per tire/ weights extra
Overnight inside parking $15 day plus bay usage fee
Overnight outside parking $5 per day


**Any tool broken or missing at checkout will be charged to patron’s bill**


Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing 2020.jpg

Basic Package: 100% hand wash/dry, dress tires/wheels, interior vacuum, window cleaning.  

Vehicle Price
Car $35
Truck $55
SUV  $55


Extreme Interior Cleaning Package: Vacuum, carpet and upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, interior vinyl/leather treatment, shine dashboard, console and doors. 

Vehicle Price
Car $65
Truck $75
SUV $75


Extreme Exterior Cleaning Package: 100% hand wash/dry, dress tires/wheels, window cleaning, hand wax. 

Vehicle Price
Car $65
Truck $75
SUV $75


Showroom Detail Package: 100% hand wash/dry, dress tires/wheels, window cleaning, hand wax, interior vacuum, interior vinyl/leather treatment, carpet and upholstery cleaning,  shine dashboard, console and doors.

Vehicle Price
Car $125
Truck $145
SUV $145


Additional Options: 

Service Price
Swirl Mark Remover $75
Ceramic Spray Coating $20
Weather Tech Protectant $20
Anti-Fog/Anti-Finger Print Cleaner $20


Small Engine Repair

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