What's Open During the Pandemic?

What's Open During the Pandemic?

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! 🤣

We just wanted to make sure you know that these super cool places are OPEN and ready for business!

👍 Brunner Range
🕶 Outdoor Recreation
🚗 Auto Crafts
🥪 12th Brick Grille
🍔 Strike Zone Snack Bar
🏌️‍♂️ Trails West Golf Course
🚌 RV/POV Storage Lot
🐾 Clean Paws Pet Wash
🍟 Fairway Grille 
☕️ Java Cafe
🎨 Arts & Crafts (by appointment only)
🎟 Leisure Travel Services (by appointment only)
⛱ Hancock Pool (restrictions apply, click here)



Beginning Tuesday, May 26: (Gruber, Harney, Bubble)

Hours of operation 5AM - 6PM.

Deep cleaning will occur everyday from 9AM - 11AM and 1PM - 3PM.

Open to Active Duty members ONLY from 5AM-9AM Mon- Fri.

Open to all eligible patrons after 11AM. 

Customer number will be regulated at entry. 50 for Harney/Gruber and 15 for Bubble. 

1-hour limit per person. 

Social-distancing is required. 

Saunas and showers are off-limits.


MWR is Open to Serve You!

Please call ahead when possible:

For ACS call 913-684-2830  or  913-684-5137

For CYS call 913-684-5138 or 913-684-5137

For MWR call 913-684-1669 or 913-684-1839


Online Applications:

Solicitation Permits

Private Organizations


In and Out processing:

For those in and out processing remember to check ISM (Installation Support Management system) for virtual in and out processing.